Autumn 2010
The Next Wave of Urban Reform.
Steven Malanga
Mayors Cory Booker and Dave Bing fight to save two of America’s most distressed cities.

The Economy of Cities

Start-Up City.
Edward L. Glaeser
Entrepreneurs are the heroes of New York’s past and the key to its future.
Why Big Cities Matter More than Ever.
Mario Polèse
Seven reasons
Cities from Scratch.
Brandon Fuller and Paul Romer
A new path for development

American Urbanism

The Sidewalks of San Francisco.
Heather Mac Donald
Can the City by the Bay reclaim public space from aggressive vagrants?
Big Easy Rising.
Nicole Gelinas
Five years after Katrina, New Orleanians are showing how to do recovery right.
The Windows.
Andrew Klavan
A short story
Atlanta's Public-Housing Revolution.
Howard Husock
Renee Glover has torn down blighted projects, required tenants to work, and transformed lives.
The Afghans of Fremont.
Judith Miller
Anxious, uprooted—and under surveillance
How the Road to Bell Was Paved.
William Voegeli
Not with good intentions but with the avarice of professional government bureaucrats

Across the Globe

Weimar Istanbul.
Claire Berlinski
Dread and exhilaration in a city on the verge of political catastrophe
Asian Megacities, Free and Unfree.
Guy Sorman
How politics has shaped the growth of Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul
Now City.
Sol Stern
Tel Aviv, a modern, capitalist-built oasis in the Middle East

History Lessons

The Original Birth of Freedom.
André Glucksmann
What we owe the audacious Athenians
The Destiny of Cities.
Victor Davis Hanson
Throughout history, forces both natural and human have made cities rise and fall.


How American Press Freedom Began on Wall Street.
Myron Magnet
A 1735 libel trial in New York’s City Hall proved revolutionary.
In Search of the Washington Novel.
Christopher Hitchens
A colorful genre awaits its masterpiece.
City Lights.
Stefan Kanfer
New York’s long literary line


Fred Siegel
North and west of the city, New Yorkers are fed up.
Conor Friedersdorf
Cities should unravel their pre-digital regulations.
Kay S. Hymowitz
New findings show just how bad things are for the kids.
Steven Malanga
A debt-loving mayor has busted the budget of Pennsylvania’s capital.
Michael Knox Beran
An NEA initiative debauches the educational value of verse.
Benjamin A. Plotinsky
Innovators are making travel affordable, with no foe in sight but the feds.


Brian C. Anderson
Twenty years of City Journal
Oh, to be in England
The Vandals in Retreat.
Theodore Dalrymple
Britain rediscovers its architectural heritage.
Harry Stein
Coming soon