Winter 2009
Can the Feds Uncrunch Credit?.
Nicole Gelinas
Maybe—but Washington’s unprecedented interventions could make things much, much worse.
Never Enough Beauty, Never Enough Truth.
Heather Mac Donald
Philanthropists should do what they love, not surrender to identity politics.
Welfare Reform, Phase Two.
Steven Malanga
States are putting a new generation of recipients back to work. Will Obama get in the way?

Environmental Facts and Follies

The Green-Jobs Engine That Can't.
Max Schulz
Inefficient eco-friendly technologies destroy more jobs than they create.
Green Cities, Brown Suburbs.
Edward L. Glaeser
To save the planet, build more skyscrapers—especially in California.
Forgiveness and Irony.
Roger Scruton
What makes the West strong
The Promise and Peril of the Freelance Economy.
Laura Vanderkam
Self-employment has made America more productive, but at what cost to the self-employed?
George Washington Patrols the Pacific.
Guy Sorman
Anchored by its nuclear-powered carrier, the Seventh Fleet protects global trade.
Slums of Hope.
Howard Husock
For displaced peasants, the world’s vast urban ghettos are a gateway to a better future.
The DNA of Politics.
James Q. Wilson
Genes shape our beliefs, our values, and even our votes.


Alexander Hamilton, Modern America's Founding Father.
Myron Magnet
How New York’s opportunity society became America’s
How Science Fiction Found Religion.
Benjamin A. Plotinsky
Once overtly political, the genre increasingly employs Christian allegory.


Steven Malanga
Hispanics didn’t elect Barack Obama.
André Glucksmann
“It is true because we say it is” has run its course.
Heather Mac Donald
Harvard expands its futile quest for proportional faculty.
James Kirchick
My 15 minutes of Iranian fame
Marcus A. Winters
Quantitative measurement is telling us more about school performance.
Bjørn Lomborg
Genetically modified food offers hope for the world’s malnourished.
Dane Stangler
Cities prosper through spontaneous enterprise, not top-down planning.


Oh, to be in England
The Persistence of Ideology.
Theodore Dalrymple
Grand ideas still drive history.
Kay S. Hymowitz
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