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City Journal Autumn 2008.
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A quarterly magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute, edited by Brian C. Anderson.

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Storm-Proofing the Economy.
Nicole Gelinas
Storm-Proofing the Economy
We can’t prevent Wall Street turmoil, but we can make it less destructive.
New York State’s Fiscal Reckoning.
E. J. McMahon
New York State’s Fiscal Reckoning
Long addicted to massive Wall Street revenues, Albany faces an agonizing withdrawal.
America at Work.
Guy Sorman
America at Work
The U.S. economy and its spirit of enterprise still set the pace for the world.
We Don’t Need Another War on Poverty.
Steven Malanga
We Don’t Need Another War on Poverty
As the urbanism of the nineties showed, cities can forge their own futures.
Five Days at the End of the World.
Andrew Klavan
Five Days at the End of the World
My visit to Afghanistan, and the War on Terror movie that Hollywood would never make
Bioterrorism’s Deadly Math.
Judith Miller
Bioterrorism’s Deadly Math
Despite billions spent, we’re not yet ready for a big attack.
Love in the Time of Darwinism.
Kay S. Hymowitz
Love in the Time of Darwinism
A report from the chaotic postfeminist dating scene, where only the strong survive
Curing Diversity.
Peter W. Huber
Curing Diversity
The new medicine shows that we’re biochemically separate and unequal—and regulators are starting to catch on.
Pre-K <i>Can</i> Work.
Shepard Barbash
Pre-K Can Work
Needy kids could benefit, but only if we use proven pedagogy and hold programs accountable.
Reparations, R.I.P..
Walter Olson
Reparations, R.I.P.
Cause of death: 9/11, public opinion, and the courts
The (Really) Moderate Muslims of Kosovo.
Michael J. Totten
The (Really) Moderate Muslims of Kosovo
The world’s newest country is a model of Islamic tolerance.
The Humanities Move Off Campus.
Victor Davis Hanson
The Humanities Move Off Campus
As the classical university unravels, students seek knowledge and know-how elsewhere.
The Ghost in Your iPod.
John H. McWhorter
The Ghost in Your iPod
Will Marion Cook’s underappreciated musical legacy
Steven Malanga
Not Kosher
The Jewish Conservative movement embraces labor and “social justice.”
Heather Mac Donald
A Preference for Truth
Racial quotas are slowly losing their cover.
William Andrews, William J. Bratton
Crime and Politics in Caracas
Thank Hugo Chávez for the Venezuelan capital’s soaring murder rate.
André Glucksmann
Confronting the Putin Doctrine
Europe must hold fast against Russian blackmail.
Daniel J. Flynn
Taxachusetts No More?
The Bay State considers the unthinkable—repealing its income tax.
Naomi Schaefer Riley
Big Middle-Class Sister
We shouldn’t apologize for teaching poor kids how to move up in America.
Oh, to be in England
The Quivering Upper Lip.
Theodore Dalrymple
The Quivering Upper Lip
The British character: from self-restraint to self-indulgence
Paul Beston
If a Woodchuck Could
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