E. J. McMahon
Albany squanders an unprecedented influx of cash.

Eye on the News

Matthew Hennessey
When you live in Bill de Blasio’s city, you play by his rules.


Larry Sand
California’s legislators aren’t waiting for an appeals court’s decision on teacher permanence.

Recent Features

In the Near Hereafter
Theodore Dalrymple
Michel Houellebecq’s latest novel could foretell France’s future.
Sucker Bet
Stephen Eide
Bankruptcy is looking more likely for Atlantic City.
Robert Putnam’s Mission
Kay S. Hymowitz
The Bowling Alone author’s prescriptions for closing the opportunity gap have been tried—and found wanting.
Pension Sticker Shock
Steven Malanga
Funding woes in Illinois and Arizona should worry New York taxpayers.
A Helluva Show
James Panero
A new production of On the Town captures the spirit of New York City.
More Less
The Man Who Made Singapore
Theodore Dalrymple
Lee Kwan Yew willed a well-ordered and disciplined society into existence.
Iran and the Lessons of History
Myron Magnet
With the pending nuclear deal, Obama courts dishonor—and possibly war.
The Alphabet of Satire
Stefan Kanfer
Rube Goldberg was a laugh machine for seven decades.
Lawyers in the Rain Forest
Mark Pulliam
How a dubious judgment against Chevron exposed the abuses of the plaintiffs’ bar
Macron Economics
Theodore Dalrymple
A minor economic reform leads to panic in France.

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Heather Mac Donald
The budget-strapped University of California squanders millions on mindless diversity programs.
Spring 2013

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Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| Let body camera experiment proceed
Ben Boychuk in
The Press-Enterprise
| Hazy polling on Riverside's pot measure
Howard Husock in
| Where Leonard Nimoy Learned His Craft--And What We Can Learn, Too
Aaron M. Renn in
| The Real Loser in Chicago's Mayoral Election
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